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Habib Bank AG Zurich Habib Bank AG Zurich
Incorporated in Switzerland 1967


Habib Bank AG Zurich is committed to achieving best practice corporate governance. The Bank has adopted international guidelines with a view to maintaining the highest international banking standards.

The Board

The Board continues to provide the overall guiding principles to the General Management. The Board, working with the General Management monitors HBZ's global business.

  • Dr. Andreas Länzlinger - Chairman
  • Dr. Ulrich Grete - Vice Chairman
  • Dr. Marco Duss
  • Urs Seiler
  • Ursula Suter
  • Ray Barnes

General Management

The General Management is responsible for HBZ's overall performance. It approves HBZ's goals and directions, plans and performance and ensures appropriate policies, procedures and systems are in place.

  • Mr. Muhammed H. Habib, President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Mohammedali R. Habib, Joint President
  • Mr. Shaun Wallis, Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Walter Mathis, Deputy General Manager


The General Management has established Standing Committees as an efficient mechanism for deliberating detailed issues and making recommendations for consideration by the entire General Management. These committees adopt charters setting out the matters relevant to the composition, responsibilities and administration of each committee.

Audit Committee

The Board has established an Audit Committee to study and review accounting procedures, financial reporting, compliance practices, risk management and other internal controls.

Country Management

The Country Management is responsible for the operation and performance of the particular country.

  • Sirajuddin Aziz (Pakistan)
  • Mohamedali Husain (Kenya)
  • Muslim Hassan (Canada)
  • Anjum Iqbal (U.K.)
  • Mohamed Jafri (Isle of Man)
  • Zafar Khan (South Africa)
  • Arif Lakhani (U.A.E.)
  • Christian Lerch (Switzerland)
  • Ikram Quraishi (Hong Kong)

Financial Reports

Financial reports since 2009 are listed below:


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