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Habib Bank has a long tradition and a unique position in Private Banking. HBZ Private Banking services are highly personalised, focused on safety and wealth preservation. Our goal is to identify the best opportunities in a constantly changing environment and maximise yields in accordance with each individual client's respective risk parameters by providing access to global financial markets.

Our Services For You

We want to serve your needs

  • Identify optimal investment solutions in line with your risk profile
  • Pinpoint the best opportunities in a constantly changing environment
  • Offer access to global financial markets
  • Maximise return on your portfolio in accordance with relevant risk parameters
  • Manage any special requirements


Banking Tradition since 1941: Habib Bank AG Zurich (HBZ) draws on a rich tradition of commerce and banking dating back to 1941 when its predecessor, the pioneering Habib Bank Limited, was founded in British India. HBZ as we know it today was incorporated in Zurich, Switzerland - a major financial center and the heart of the global Private Banking industry - in 1967.

Family-Owned: a different approach to reputation and privacy. The Habib family, which has been committed to banking for five generations, vouches for the firm's excellence with its name and reputation. A better guarantee of quality and trustworthiness is hard to find.

Banking for your Community: Private Banking is based on trusted relationships and referrals that are carefully cultivated over years, if not generations. HBZ has built an enviable reputation in the tight-knit South-Asian communities and has a network in the region that is second to none.

Competence - new Investment Research Center (IRC): The IRC's employees are hand-picked following a rigorous evaluation process. They are among the finest banking professionals in the industry and ensure that our clients receive the best possible advice.

Swiss Service - uniquely proactive and flexible: We are intimately familiar with our clients' specific requirements, addressing their needs proactively and managing their expectations at all times. We have a strong track record of putting our clients' needs before our own and advising them according to the best industry standards.

  • Global fixed income execution (new issues, secondary market)
  • Global equity markets execution
  • International mutual funds and hedge funds
  • Currencies (spot, forward)
  • Dual currency deposits
  • Options (currencies, commodities, interest rates, equities)
  • Precious metals
  • Islamic finance products
  • Structured products

Investment Advice: Maximising return for the client's risk profile

  • Macroeconomic advice
  • Portfolio advice i.e. asset allocation, health check etc.
  • Recommendation lists (bonds etc.)
  • Investments with focus on Pakistan, India
  • Research (reports etc.)

Portfolio Risk Management (available soon): The tools to keep the risks under control

  • Monitoring of restrictions
  • Stop loss functions
  • Hedging through options
  • Diversification

Special Services (upon request):

  • Special reports, special services such as relocation, financial structuring etc.

Leave it to the experts

  • Definition of client's risk profile
  • Management of client portfolios
  • Ongoing management according to risk profile

Discretionary mandates (Switzerland only)

  • Global Equity Mandate - benchmark MSCI World
  • Global Balanced Mandate - benchmark MSCI World / Citigroup US government
    bond index
  • Global Fixed Income Mandate - US government bond index
  • Pakistan Investment Portfolio (balanced) - Benchmark 50% KSE100 Total Return / 50% USD 6M LIBOR
  • Information on other mandates on request

Online equity trading (HBZtrade) and Forex execution (HBZefx)

  • HBZ offers execution for US and UAE listed equities through its highly secure HBZtrade online platform
  • HBZefx - a flexible online tool to buy and sell foreign currencies
  • Fast execution
  • Real-time quotes
  • Competitive pricing
  • HBZ is currently endeavoring to add more markets to its online trading platform - HBZtrade


Mr. Nasir Ahmad
Local Head Private Banking Zurich
☎ +41 44 269 45 00
Dr. David Wartenweiler
Group Chief Investment Officer
☎ +41 44 269 45 00
Mr. Kamran Ahmed Suhrwardy
Local Head Private Banking UAE
☎ +971 4 373 52 00

NOTE: Certain products, services and features may only be available in specific countries. We are working on bringing them to your region soon.

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